четверг, 15 апреля 2021 г.

Audi A4 allroad quattro

This car is a representative of the class of off-road station wagons. He has everything to please you. Above all, this is a memorable appearance: the stylish body protection elements give the body a ready-to-travel look. The quattro all-wheel drive, increased ground clearance and a special off-road driving mode leave no doubt about the validity of the word allroad: this car is really open, if not everything in the world, then many roads that ordinary passenger cars are better off avoiding. Separately, it is necessary to mention a powerful economical gasoline engine: 249 hp. from. provide acceleration from standstill to 100 km / h in just 6.1 seconds. Finally, the Audi A4 allroad quattro has a large trunk: the minimum is 505 liters, the maximum with the rear seats folded down is 1510 liters.

New Audi RS Q8 is faster than Porsche Cayenne Turbo

The premiere of the flagship crossover Audi RS Q8 took place - the novelty "inherited" the moderate-hybrid power plant and interior from the RS6 / RS7 models and distinguished itself with a special sports chassis tuning. The RS Q8, as expected, became the fastest SUV Audi: the first hundred coupe exchanges in 3.8 seconds - 0.1 faster than the current Cayenne Turbo.
Externally, the most powerful "ku-eighth" is distinguished by an aggressive grille with an enlarged air intake, original bumpers with contrasting gray, black or carbon inserts, a developed diffuser, huge 22- or 23-inch discs, red brake calipers of increased size and a proprietary RS-series exhaust with two branch pipes divorced along the edges. In addition, the novelty can be distinguished by the decor - nameplates and the color of the mirrors. Matrix headlights are optional.
The technical stuffing of the RS Q8 is familiar from the current RS6 wagon and the RS7 liftback - under the hood is the same four-liter V8 engine with double supercharging, working in conjunction with a 48-volt starter-generator and an eight-band "automatic". The peak output of the hybrid system - 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque The RS Q8 accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds - the same amount spent on the starting spurt of the new 625-horsepower BMW X6 M Competition crossover or 680-horsepower hybrid Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. The Lamborghini Urus is faster - accelerating from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 3.6 seconds.

Audi e-tron: Tesla's stylish rival

If you think about it, then just a couple of years ago, Tesla, with its products, was practically the only company that produced premium electric vehicles. Nevertheless, competitors did not keep themselves waiting long and in 2018 there was a real revolution in this market segment. Now consumers can choose, as there are many more premium electric cars: Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes-Benz EQC.
We'll talk more about the products of Jaguar and Mercedes, but now, let's look at the technical characteristics of the Audi e-tron. Let's start with the fact that this is a rather long car - its length is 4.9 m.It turns out that it is somewhat shorter than the Q7 SUV, but also significantly larger than the Q5. The Tesla Model X is slightly longer than the Audi e-tron, though only 104 mm, while the Mercedes-Benz EQC, on the contrary, is somewhat shorter - 4656 mm in length.
The power plant of the e-tron consists of two independent electric motors with a total output of 300 kW (equivalent to 408 horsepower), with a torque of 600 Nm. Just make a reservation right away - German engineers somewhat exaggerate the merits of their brainchild. In fact, these are the parameters of the peak power that the engines can give only for 8 seconds, which is sufficient for instant acceleration. And after such a rapid acceleration, the driver has 265 kW (360 horsepower) at his disposal, which is also quite a lot. At the same time, the maximum speed of the Audi e-tron is programmatically limited to 200 km / h.

New coupe-crossover Audi received optics with millions of micromirrors

Audi unveiled the e-tron Sportback electric coupe-crossover at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The novelty was the first commercial model in the world to receive “digital matrix LED headlights”.
The new optics used technologies that are used in video projectors. The headlights are installed in a module consisting of 1.2 million microscopic mirrors, each of which is capable of tilting up to 5 thousand times per second under the influence of electrostatic fields. These optics illuminate the strip with high precision and automatically optimize the angle of direction of the light when changing lanes. In addition, it will individually highlight each pedestrian or a sudden obstacle that sensors detect.

The Sportback version differs from the standard electric crossover Audi e-tron in a more aerodynamic body - the drag coefficient was 0.25 versus 0.27. This affected the vehicle's range, which increased by an extra 10 kilometers.
The power plant has not undergone changes. Audi e-tron Sportback received two electric units, which give 360 ​​hp in total. from. and 540 Nm of torque. At the same time, in sport mode, the engine output can be increased for a short time to 408 forces and 665 Newton meters. In this case, the car is capable of gaining the first "hundred" in 5.7 seconds.

The price of the fastest Audi Q3 in Russia has been announced

As promised, the Russian office of the brand opened accepting orders for a crossover with a powerful engine and all-wheel drive. Sales of the SUV in our country started in early autumn with a front-wheel drive modification of the 35 TFSI with a 150-horsepower engine, and the debut of a version that should become more attractive for engine and transmission accounts have been postponed indefinitely. As it turned out, just for a month: orders for the Audi Q3 40 TFSI quattro have already started.
The crossover, which will take the top position in the stripped-down Russian Q3 family, is equipped with a two-liter turbo engine with 180 hp. and 320 Nm, seven-speed robot and all-wheel drive. It is claimed to be able to accelerate to 100 km / h in 7.4 seconds, while being limited to 7.5 liters of fuel per 100 km on the combined cycle.
In our country, the crossover will appear in four versions - standard, Advanced, Design and Sport. The basic equipment of this Q3 already includes LED headlights, 17-inch wheels, rain and light sensors, electric mirrors and heated front seats, a 10.5-inch digital dashboard and MMI Radio Plus multimedia system and the like.